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Seth and I met at Schreiner University in 2012. Upon returning from winter break, we had a mandatory residence meeting at Faulkner Hall. As I walked into the room with my roommates, I gazed up and saw Seth and instantly blurted to the girls "He's mine!" Since he was an RA he first became my best friend. On his days on duty I would join him on his rounds walking the floors and he would just listen to everything and anything I had to say. Seth had me wrapped around his finger from day one. After 6 a.m. volleyball workouts he'd ask me to go to breakfast with him even though he knew all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. My favorite memory is one evening he was on duty and wanted me to get him dinner from the Schreiner Diner. He texted me his order and said he would meet me in my room so that I could use his ID card for a swipe. I opened the door and there he was on his knee tying his shoe and when he looked up he grabbed my hand and said "Will you marry me?" I laughed and in a straight tone said "No" and he couldn't believe I wasn't interested one bit.

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I was beyond excited because Fiesta weekend is one of Seth and I's favorite time in San Antonio As we were driving into town he told me we had to stay in a hotel instead of his parents house because Mrs. Huerta had additional family members staying over. In reality I thought he was going to propose on our 5 year anniversary the following weekend. Therefore I never once thought April 29th, 2017 would be the day. We headed downtown for the parade and EVERYONE was in attendance. I mean there were 70+ of our family and friends and yet I still had no idea. The parade was about to start and Seth comes up to me and says "Hey go with me to the bathroom." I was a little bothered because our friends had just gotten there and I hadn't seen them in a while so I invited them all to go on our potty break. Seth grabs my hand and as we are walking he says "Well I just wanted for us to go one a walk and talk" and of course with my smart mouth I tell him "Really, Talk by a Port a Potty?" We spend about 10 minutes waiting around and I tell Seth come on lets go back the parade is about to start and he said " I'm waiting to see if anyone wants me to get Gorditas." Well what felt like forever was merely a couple of minutes and we began walking back to our seats with no food in hand. All I can see is all our friends and family with their phones out and what do I think? Oh the parades starting lets get into our seats! Seth grabs my hand and says "The first time I asked you to marry me it was a joke this time is for real!" In front of everyone at the Fiesta Parade He asked me to be his WIFE! I instantly said YES!! He had me fooled the whole time and yet he asked me in the most magical way ever.

sethkimberly-33sethkimberly-33 sethkimberly-37sethkimberly-37 sethkimberly-36sethkimberly-36 sethkimberly-40sethkimberly-40 sethkimberly-43sethkimberly-43 What I am most looking forward to our wedding is first marrying my best friend of course and his reaction! I can't wait to see his face when I walk down the isle because he has no absolute idea how I am going to look and from what he thinks I'll wear I know he's going to be in for a surprise. 

sethkimberly-60sethkimberly-60 sethkimberly-65sethkimberly-65 sethkimberly-70sethkimberly-70 sethkimberly-75sethkimberly-75 I think with wedding planning I'm most excited for are the beer donkeys. Everyone thinks I bought them for guest entertainment but Seth and I both know we got them because we can't wait to incorporate them in our photos as husband and wife. He knows how big my love is for ALL animals so to include them in our wedding is a real treat, for us at least.

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