Edward + Janet | Orange, Ivory & Sage Rustic Wedding | CW Hill Country Ranch

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I was blessed enough to get to be with this lovely couple throughout their entire wedding experience through engagements, bridals and finally wedding day.  Edward and Janet are such a fun couple. They love to travel together whenever possible and just live life to the fullest. I feel like I can truly call them friends as I feel like I've known them forever.

Their wedding day took place at CW Hill Country Ranch in Boerne, TX and we were blessed with perfect fall weather. The flowers and decor provided by Kristine at CW were absolutely stunning with various orange hues, subtle gray accents and baby's breathe. It was the perfect chic alternative to your typical fall wedding and the bright colors fit the couple's personalities perfectly.


**Florals, Decor & Bartending also provided by CW Hill Country Ranch.


**Jewelry - "My maternal grandmas Grandma Louise earring’s - she passed away in 2003 and my sister got these earrings and they went perfectly w the dress - it was a last minute decision. "


What was your favorite part?


Janet- Favorite part? Do I really have to pick one?!?! The whole thing was my favorite part however I really loved singing Friends in Low Places by Garth Brook with everyone and ending the wedding with “ Its a Great Day to Be Alive”. Other highlights were eating cake, mingling with Guest’s, dancing, dancing and dancing some more, our first dance as husband and wife, dancing with my dad, and seeing all the kiddos dancing and loving the glow stick rave. 


Edward - Walking down the isle with my beautiful new wife after being announced Mr and Mrs Edward Ingram.


How would you describe your decor?


The decor was beautiful. I’m not very good with decorating so I loved having Kristine be able to tap into my head when I told her I wanted various shades of orange - but not the traditional fall burnt oranges, and light gray/ whites for colors, lots of baby’s breath, a variety of flowers, and a country, rustic and chic feel. She nailed it. 


Edward- Modern, Western, and Chic 


Was there anything that happened that was unexpected?

Singing Friends in Low Places karaoke style 


How would you describe your overall experience?


Janet - incredible, breathtaking, extraordinary 

Edward- fantastic 

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